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Spun out from the Leuven University, LayerWise built a successful track record in Europe with its digital manufacturing technology for implant suprastructures. DentWise is the dental division of LayerWise. As an Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology pioneer, DentWise offers unlimited design possibilities, superior quality and a complete range of services. DentWise developed a breakthrough method for producing implant-supported restorations.

After developing the method in collaboration with the Leuven University and passing clinical trials successfully, DentWise implant structures are available to dental technicians and dentists. They particularly appreciate the design freedom that is associated with DentWise, and value the fact that they have access to superstructures that are difficult or impossible to be produced any other way.

As an AM technology pioneer, DentWise offers unlimited design possibilities, superior quality and a complete range of services.

Full freedom in form and design

The AM suprastructure solutions provided by DentWise are made of high-strength titanium or cobalt-chromium alloys and offer a perfect fit through very high accuracy (better than 20 micron). They support on both implant and abutment level (or a combination), and are compatible with all available implant systems.
  • Implant bridges – Full freedom in form and design, macro and micro retention integrated, and SealWise connections for better aesthetics and prosthetic enclosure.
  • Implant bars – Streamlined design with aesthetic transitions and high-end polishing, custom designs for better adaptation, and exceptional material strength.
  • Cemented structures - High-strength and very thin cemented structures with perfect marginal fit, ready for veneering and affordable standard pricing per element.
Recently, DentWise introduced AM cobalt-chrome for porcelain veneering. These cobalt-chromium implant bridges can be produced digitally, directly on implant level.