3D Printing

LayerWise technology

The core activity of LayerWise is producing functional parts in any preferred metal (alloy) suitable for Direct Metal Printing (DMP). LayerWise started printing prototype parts in the early days, but more than 90% of the parts sold today are serial produced.

Today LayerWise offers an increasing number of metal alloys to choose from depending on the target application at hand. Its in-depth know-how enables LayerWise to meet tight technical specifications. Highly accurate 3D printing results in producing thin walls, detailed features as well as holes and channels with very small diameters.


In the 1980's the first 3D printing materials and equipment were developed. Chuck Hull, the founder of 3D Systems, invented the process of stereolithography. Over time, other additive manufacturing processes were developed allowing the use of more materials in different forms (liquid, powder, wire). As a result the 3D printing industry is experiencing an almost uncontrollable growth that comes with great opportunities.



DentWise technology

DentWise stretches the limits of metal 3D printing for dental applications. It fully exploits the benefits of DMP to produce high-end implant suprastructures and a range of other dental products.

DentWise's sophisticated implant bridges integrate highly complex surface retentions and individual emergence profiles. Originally the method was developed in collaboration with the Leuven University. The DMP technology is equally suitable for producing cemented structures for a single tooth or multiple teeth. More recently, DentWise developed frames for removable partial dentures.


According to Wohlers Associates, the market of 3D printing and all related services was worth 2.2 billion dollars worldwide in 2012, that is an increase of 29% from 2011. The DMP technologies are acquiring a strong foothold in diverse industries, covering industrial, automotive, aerospace, dental and medical applications. Also consumer markets are being adressed by 3D printing, including the footwear, jewelry, eyewear, education, food industries.