The applied Direct Metal Printing (DMP) technology provides unlimited design flexibility with perfect passive fit. DMP overcomes the limitations  related to geometry and surface retention set by tradional manufacturing techniques. DentWise controls DMP to such an extent that it is capable of perfecting the technology and realising the most challenging specifications.

  • Direct digital production
  • Shorter lead times
  • Economic production of large and voluminous components

Freedom of shape

Direct Metal Printing sequentially builds up thin layers resulting in unlimited design freedom. Highly complex anatomical shapes, internal channels, complex surface textures, high levels of detail...
all is feasible.

Surface retention

DMP overcomes limitations related to surface retention as set by traditional casting, welding or milling. Through DMP it is possible to achieve the most retentive surface textures as an integral part of the structure; these are digitally designed and produced without requiring any post-processing steps.

Perfect fit

DentWise combines 3D printing with milling to finish implant-abutment connections with the highest precision. Guaranteeing a perfect passive fit as accuracies are better than 20 µm on the implant interfaces. These results were validated in collaboration with the ACTA institute (Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants, 2011, 26(6):1344-50. Optical scan analysis to detect minor misfit on implant-supported superstructures. A. Tahmaseb, P. Mercelis, R. de Clerck, D. Wismeijer).