LayerWise was founded in 2008 by Peter Mercelis and Jonas Van Vaerenbergh as a spin-off company of the University of Leuven. It is the first production center in Belgium to exclusively focus on the Additive Manufacturing of metal parts.  LayerWise intensively collaborated with the University and invested extensively in R&D to push the boundaries of the Direct Metal Printing (DMP) technology. LayerWise provided design and printing services to customers in industrial, medical and dental sectors - focusing on functional prototypes and serial produced parts.

Since 2010, the dental division DentWise began commercializing dental implant bars and bridges by combining DMP with high precision milling technology. Dental laboratories order  DentWise design and production services, including implant suprastructures, tooth-supported crowns and bridges, and frames for partial removable dentures.


In September 2014, 3D Systems acquired DentWise. 3D Systems, located in the United States, is an international company counting approximately 1800 employees. The 3D printing giant offers healthcare solutions including end-to-end simulation, training and integrated 3D planning and printing for personalized surgery as well as patient specific medical and dental devices. With their 10 innovation centers, 7 print engines and 500 resellers, 3D Systems has the capacity and resources at its disposal to support and guide the future growth of DentWise.


LayerWise complies to a number of quality standards, including ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.
ISO 9001
ISO 13485

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