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Implant-supported structures
You have two options: either DentWise performs the scanning and design or you scan and design yourself.

  1. In case you want DentWise to digitize your model and design the implant supported suprastructure
    • Select 'Design Service' and then the desired type of structure
    • Fill out product specifications and make a basic drawing of the desired structure
    • Confirm the order
    • Print the order confirmation and send it together with the physical models to DentWise
      • gypsum model with implant/abutment analogs and soft gingiva
      • wax-up of the tooth setup
  2. In case you scanned and designed the implant supported structure yourself
    • Select 'Upload files' and then 'Upload Implant Structure File'
    • Fill out product specifications
    • Add the STL file of the structure as well as the xml or construction file
    • Confirm the order

    First check compatibility of your dental scanner with DentWise's high accuracy requirements for implant suprastructures.

Frames, Crowns & Bridges
DentWise 3D prints your designs. DentWise does not provide design services for these products.

  • Select 'Upload files' and then the respective product
  • Fill out product specifications
  • Add the STL file of the structure
  • Confirm the order

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