Titanium alloy

Grade 1 to 4 are commercially pure titanium grades, while grade 5 is a titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) including aluminum and vanadium as elements. These elements make the material much stronger than pure titanium, while maintaining its biocompatibility. Titanium grade 5 is the most used material for orthopaedic applications (eg. hip implants, spinal cages, fixation plates...).
DentWise uses titanium grade 5 for the milled structures and Ti6Al4V ELI (also referred to as grade 23) for 3D printing. ELI refers to an extra high purity which is needed for the 3D printing process.

Based on the acquired patient-specific geometry, DentWise designs the personalized dental structure in software and starts building in titanium straight-away. DentWise suprastructures and cemented constructions are manufactured using ultra strong titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V ELI), which outperforms the commonly used titanium grade 2 in terms of mechanical properties. The use of high-strength lightweight titanium increases patient comfort and eliminates the risk for broken dental structures.

Cobalt-Chrome alloy

DentWise uses 2 different types of cobalt-chrome alloy; one suited for implant suprastructures and cemented restorations, and one suited for frames for removable partial dentures.

  • Co-Cr alloy for implant suprastructures and cemented restorations
    This high strength Co-Cr alloy is especially suited for dental applications and corresponds to a Type 4 alloy according to ISO 22674. Its thermal expansion coefficient of 14.0 (µm/m°C) allows optimal veneering with the standard veneering materials on the market.
  • Co-Cr alloy for frames
    This Co-Cr alloy corresponds to a Type 5 alloy according to ISO 22674 and is free of nickel, cadmium and beryllium. It combines a high yield strength with a high elongation which results in good adjustablility. The fatigue properties have been tested in collaboration with the University of Leuven and it is proven to be very suited to withstand the cyclic loading clasps are subjected to during use.