Crowns & Bridges


DentWise produces cemented constructions for single or multiple teeth restorations using its Direct Metal Printing technology.

The high precision of the in-house DMP technology allows DentWise to 3D print thin structures with a very high level of detail. The layered approach of DMP offers an unparalleled design freedom and allows you as dental technician to mimic the highly complex shape and contours of natural teeth. As DMP is an entirely digital manufacturing method, simply upload your design files and DentWise 3D prints your crowns and bridges in only a matter of days.

Cobalt-Chromium alloy for optimal veneering
DentWise’s cobalt-chromium has a thermal expansion coefficient of 14.0 (μm/m°C) and has proven to provide optimal veneering results with all common veneering materials available on the market.


  • Ultra strong CoCr or Ti alloy
  • Unprecedented design freedom
  • Thin structures
  • 3D printed from your design

Delivery times

The structure is shipped the 2nd day after receipt of the design file if before 2pm. Otherwise one additional day should be taken into account.